Beer label design & illustration

Illustrations and label design for swedish craft brewery Pang Pang. Four unique beer styles were released from the brewery october 1:st, 2013. For this project I wanted to interpret each beer style in an equally unique label design - without wandering too far off from the brand's visual identity. Cheers!
"Cookie Stout" - originally named "Space Cookie Stout" however the swedish alcohol monopoly did not approve of a name that might suggest or encourage drug use/ abuse.
Vintage style illustration - showing all of the classic elements one might find in a 50's ad, however with one important difference; things are pretty far from perfect in the home of this housewife...
Double IPA - the double barreled shotgun and the crossed over letter "P" illustrates a pun one might miss if not familiar with the swedish language: Dubbelpipa = Double barrel (referring to double barreled guns).
The knot on the barrels were a necessary detail since the swedish alcohol monopoly would not approve of any imagery that might glorify violence or the use of firearms.
"Pang Pang Porter" originally named (and in a special editon available in selected restaurants still named9 "Pettersson Porter" after an infamous swedish small time criminal by the name Christer Pettersson - at one time accused of having murdered the swedish prime minister Olof Palme back in the mid-eighties.
The original design featured a portrait of Pettersson created by the swedish graffiti artist Hop Louie - however the swedish alcohol monopoly did not approve of this particular design either...
Pang Pang Saison - No controversy on this one, just a variation of the company logo. Plain and simple.
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