Young female leader 2016

According to The Swedish Federation of Business Owners seven out of ten business owners are men, and in Jönköpings län (the county where I reside) only 28% of business leaders are women - the lowest percentage in all of Sweden. A major structural problem that calls for action on a wide-ranging scale. One such action, initiated by Jönköpings fältrittklubb along with several local business and media partners, is the award "Årets unga ledande kvinna" (young female leader of the year). With the goal of highligting young female role models in leading business positions. 
As one of the proud sponsors of this event I, along with photographer Anna Hållams I was asked to portray each of the thirty shortlisted women for this award in a way that highligted one or more aspects of what they were working with.
Photography: Anna Hållams 
Andrea Olofsson - E-commerce manager, Hudoteket
Angela Wiss - CEO, Insitepart
Anna Holm - Regional Executive, Swedish Youth Enterprises
Anna Munktstierna - Owner, Koola Kidz (kids shop), Vaggeryd
Anna Zachrisson Dimitrievska - Owner, Hotell Nissastigen
Anna-Klara Lindell - Group manager, IKEA Jönköping
Anne Sandstjärna - Owner and CEO, VOX hotell Jönköping
Beatrice Carpvik - Brand manager, Consid
Caroline Ringnér - Coach and leader, the Scouts
Elin Stjernholm - Construction manager, Fagerhults belysning
Emma Ryd - Business owner, Salong Alltid
Emmilie Bard - Secretary general and chairman, Ung kvinna and Blå bands ungdom
Hillevi Magnell - CEO, Smålands skinnmanufaktur
Ida Bergs - Consultant unit manager, Combitech
Ida Rydh - Project manager, Identx
Therese Silvander - Project manager, Energikontoret and initiator of Cykelköket
Sara Rudenstam - Business owner, Formbruket
Sara Gard - Project manager, VSM Group
Samantha Akdogan - Youth leader, Underground
Maria Stigsson -  Farm director, Vissmålen 4H
Maria Göransdotter Lindén - Marketing director, Scandinavian Photo
Malin Skarp - Quality Manager, Husqvarna group
Madelene San Roman - Business area manager, Yellon
Linda Johansson Grandt - Owner and CEO, Hotell Taberg
Karin Staberg -  Retail communications manager, Erikshjälpen Second hand
Johanna Severed - Operations manager, Riksbyggen
Jessica Manly - Coach for Vaggeryds HK (men's hand ball team)
Jenny Kvarnlöf - Marketing manager, Hestra-handsken
Jennie Wall - Regional executive, Nordic Wellness
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