Cover and spread illustrations for swedish science magazine Forskning & Framsteg.
For an article about how the latest genetic research has given mankind an even greater dominion over nature. More specifically the Crispr/ CAS 9 research field that enables parts of the genome of a sexually reproducing life form to be replaced. For instance, a disease carrying organism (such as a mosquito) can be "infected" with a parasitic genome that makes its offspring inapt. And furthermore spreading the new genome throughout the species, eventually erasing it from existence. This of course raises some moral questions of if and how this technology should be used...
The basic idea was to recreate Metallica's classic cover for "Master of Puppets" in order to illustrate this new ominous power - a dystopic scenario in which mankind ultimately destroys earth's ecosystem. 
Art Direction: Anna Lundin, Content innovation
Inital sketch sent for approval by client.
Basic background colours/ lighting and crosses drawn up in Illustrator...
Then onto Photoshop for finishing.
I also got to adjust the magazine's logo in order to look more like the Metallica-logo on that particular album (with the 3d and marble effect).
Initial sketch.
And again, Illustrator for drawing up the basic shapes...
...Before finishing in Photoshop.
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