Fellow artists shot to death in their own workplace. The murderers escape with several human lives and an attack on democracy on their conscience.
All this happens in the middle of Marais - a district I often find myself strolling through on my recurring visits in ”the City of Light”.
An attack that took place far away - but yet it felt very close.
The terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo got me thinking about another event 70 years ago - and one of the most famous works in art history. Picasso’s ”Guernica”, a horrific description of the Franco regime’s bombing during World War II, puts a painful focus on the victims of this gruesome act.
I Wanted to create something similar based on the feelings I experienced after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.
This is the result: ”Paris”
Je Suis Charlie.
110 X 240 cm Giclée print
Exhibited at Norrbyskärs Museum, Umeå (SE) June/ July 2015
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