Illustrations for Usbek & Rica magazine and CTIP magazine (Usbek & Rica publishing), 2016.
When technology becomes an end in itself: when old-fashioned companies try to achieve the modern coolness of silicon valley companies the standard strategy is usually to add useless devices and management methods everywhere in their offices. Published in Usbek & Rica Magazine 2016

Art direction: Charles Bataillie, Studio Almasty

Illustration for CTIP Magazine by Usbek & Rica -  CTIP is a french union federation and the illustration means to showcase how the collaboration within CTIP will be a vital and efficient part for workers and for the future.
"Who wants the paritarism dead?" Pariatism is the idea of everyone being equal - the article discusses how it can be saved from forces within society that wants it overturned but also how it can be evolved further.
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